Inger Lise & Darren - 4.26.19



Love at first swipe...

It was September 2016, a ding was heard and the message “You’re a Match!” appeared. Darren looked at his phone and was captivated by the beautiful blue eyed blonde he saw. He wanted to write her, but the way this dating app worked, the girl had to make the first move. Hours went by, then days and nothing. I guess I’m not her type, he thought. As it turns out she just didn’t want to make the first move.

After a few weeks, both moved on to a new app. Ding! “It’s a Match” the app read. He looked down and was surprised to see that same beautiful blue eyed blonde again. Moments later a message popped up from her. With excitement he responded, but made a slight snafu and called her “Inger”. She laughed this off and the two had an enjoyable exchange of messages.

Darren suggested they meet at a restaurant called Fireside for a drink and she agreed. Little did he know that it wasn’t open on the day he suggested. Inger Lise however knew it wasn’t open but wanted to mess with him a bit to see how he handled it.

The day of their date came and Darren walked up to where they were to meet and to his dismay it was closed. He texted her to coordinate a new spot. She laughed, she was a step ahead and had taken a seat at a table outside at the bar next door. Come next door she texted.

They immediately had chemistry. They talked and laughed for hours under the moonlit sky on that warm summer evening. A blossoming romance had begun…

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On top of Ulriken Mountain in Bergen, Norway


A surprise hot air balloon ride for Inger Lise’s birthday


A trip to beautiful Kauai


Nothing better than a sunny day on the Oregon Coast

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We love Halloween, particularly the dog


Hunting for a Christmas tree


Christmas in Arizona


Central Park in New York




Since we began dating over two years ago there has been a common occurrence, the movie You’ve Got Mail. If you’re unfamiliar it’s a romantic comedy starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan who after meeting online and after some shenanigans fall in love. That story sounds ironically familiar 🤔.

Inger Lise loves You’ve Got Mail and it’s been played by her over the last two years a few hundred times. On most weekends you’ll find it playing on repeat as chores are done around the house or while enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning.

Not only is the plot similar to how Inger Lise and I met, but it was also filmed not far from where her Sister and family live in the upper west side of Manhattan. As I thought about how I was going to propose I knew I had to incorporate You’ve Got Mail. As I devised my master plan I acquired the movie script, researched facts about the movie and secretly watched it when she wasn’t around. One of my favorite parts of the planning process was working with her sister, Ann Kristin. She helped me strategize and scope spots

And Action!: We planned a trip to NYC to visit Inger Lise’s family. I created 8 cards sealed in numbered envelopes that had riddles based on scenes, dialog and trivia from the movie. Each riddle would lead Inger Lise to a location in the movie and then she would be given her next clue. She was given her first clue the night before our adventure and the next morning we set out for an all day tour of locations from the movie. Ann Kristin, her husband Rick and their two daughters Emma and Eva joined us for the tour. It was a beautiful September day in New York, sunny and warm. We visited many iconic locations from the movie, shopped for picnic supplies at  Zabars and had a picnic at the 79th street boat basin. The last stop of our tour brought us to the 91st street gardens which by no coincidence is also where the last scene of the movie takes place. It’s here that she opened the last card which read “Inger Lise, will you spend your life making a romantic comedy with me?”. She said yes and it was the happiest moment of my life.

The first clue led us to Cafe Lola for breakfast


A serendipitous conversation with a resident who was present during filming of the movie


A stop at Zabars for picnic supplies


Kathleen Kelly’s apartment


We arrived at the last stop of the tour, the 91st Street Garden. The was also the location of the last scene in the movie. No coincidence 😉. She was then given the final clue…


She said Yes!


It meant so much to us that Ann Kristin, Rick, Emma and Eva could join us on this special day


The eight envelopes each with clues to a location. After each location she was given another envelope containing a clue